Summer Freedom

Summer weather has finally arrived along with graduations, showers and celebrations of all sorts.  I love the carefree season of later dinners and bedtimes which leads to more family time, social time and active pursuits.  It feels so free.  Free of schedules.  Free of homework.  Free of jackets.  Every burden seems a bit lighter with a summer breeze, a little more time in the evening and not as much to accomplish.  Enjoy the ease of your summer.  Feel your freedom.  Pack a Quivvers with your basics and go anywhere - beach, dog walk, coffee, biking, boating, traveling, hiking, socializing.  We've got a perfect solution to your stuff management.  See our latest accolades in UK Glamour's summer must-haves!


Here is my crew enjoying a free day hiking in the woods over the long Memorial Day weekend!  

The Big Rig

Quivver is 2 years old! We are so thankful for each and every customer and fan. The support has been tremendous and so appreciated. To celebrate we are launching our 2nd product: the Big Rig.

Quivvers "BIG RIG" from Quivvers on Vimeo.

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A Salute to the Active Lifestyle

So many times this month, I have found myself drifting into thought about the virtues of an active life.  The events of the Boston Marathon impacted so many people directly and indirectly.

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Amazing 1st Year!

 We're jumping with joy and excited to tackle the adventures in 2013....

Happy New Year 2013

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Quivver's Kickstarter Campaign was an overwhelming success!   

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Quivvers' new trick!

Quivver's clear pocket utility is awesome.......

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