New York City

My recent move from Whitefish Bay to New York City is worthy of a few blogs. What an experience to move an entire household of 5 kids, a dog, 2 guinea pigs and all our valued possessions. What a crazy concept to go from a family in the suburbs with a house to a an urban family with a small apartment. So many newfound perspectives on lifestyle, culture, fashion, pursuits, education, people, and everything. Even the mundane things are new again - laundry, grocery shopping, transportation, walking the dog - and nothing like before.



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The Big Rig

Quivver is 2 years old! We are so thankful for each and every customer and fan. The support has been tremendous and so appreciated. To celebrate we are launching our 2nd product: the Big Rig.

Quivvers "BIG RIG" from Quivvers on Vimeo.

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Top 10 Products Made in America

Making the CNBC list of cool products Made in America is an honor for Quivvers!  We are proud to be manufacturing our product right here in the USA - and love the designation as cool.  

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Quivvers on TV!

Next week, Quivvers will be on a TV show on CNBC called Crowd Rules.  We were all super excited when we were asked to be on the show.  What a lucky experience for a new business trying to gain attention in the market.

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What's in our quivvers?

 I am a minimalist.  I have always yearned for clean & simple from the time I was a young girl organizing my things in my room.

This week, a photographer said to me, "I love the idea of Quivvers as I am a minimalist.  It's the Virgo in me."  That stopped me in my tracks with the realization that Quivvers is true to my personality...............

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The Idea

The idea for Quivvers came from an active lifestyle and mindset - and a real need!

Anyone who is active can relate to the constant debate of how to carry your essentials without being bogged down and unable to really participate in life freely.  How can you carry your mobile without the nagging obstacles that come with it... a purse or bag slipping off your shoulder, bulging pockets or items stuffed in bras or shoes, valuables that you set down to be active, a waistpack or armband that you have to repack for varying activities, the forgotten credit card in the random pocket from yesterday's outfit, and on and on... I was constantly on the quest for the perfect solution and suffered all the inconveniences of every remedy out there. And I noticed other people clearly struggling, too.  Teens too bogged down with mobiles to run and be active, men & women fumbling with phones in airports, athletes without their essentials.


And then the idea for Quivvers hit me!  Now I can adventure through my entire day from the active runs and hikes to mundane trips to the grocery store or school with all my essentials.  It is a total wallet/mobile phone solution - totally comfortable & functional - for everyday! Perfect gear for anyone in any activity.  Park your purse & free your pockets, grab a Quivver, & GO, GO, GO!