Gear-Up for Spring!

Spring is coming!  I love the energy infusion of the season.  It's the time we put a little extra attention toward sprucing up our lives - spring cleaning, wardrobe shopping, travel, increased social activity and a lot more fun.   The focus on renewing and reorganizing is a tradition rooted in weather and culture.  It is hopeful and powerful.  

This year, my gear-up will actually be mostly a clean-out, get rid of, and purge.  I will part with many things that have caused clutter, chaos and more management than they are worth.  I use a formula to calculate the "cost" of keeping unused items:  $25 per year.  So if the item is going to be stored a number of years, it better have high value!   I also hope to get rid of my bad winter habits of snacking all day on baked goods and skipping activity because the weather didn't motivate me.  I figure the extra energy and daylight will propel me toward exercise and excursions away from my kitchen and back into nature. 

I am excited to adventure out with my family and greet neighbors and friends who have also been cooped-up with less motivation and sunlight.  Nothing is more inspiring than connecting with your community.  I will be propelled to more goodness and fun with every interaction and soon will be enjoying the flurry of bbq gatherings, picnics, and adventures.  Can't wait.  Hope to meet you out there!

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