Quivvers Keeps Me Organized

This week is CRAZY good at the Quivvers' headquarters.  We have a lot of exciting things going on that will be revealed over the next month. But really all this busy, unusual, mind-numbing activity made me think about how amazing my Quivvers perform.  I have not once been caught without a necessary item.  I am running around willy-nilly thinking about a million "must-dos" and not focused at all on organization and the present.  My Quivver has kept me organized, ready and together for every errand, pick-up, drop-off, quick dash outside, run, and walk.  I didn't even miss a call when I was vacuuming as my mobile phone was right there.  I haven't dropped my phone a single time or missed a text or been "away" from my phone as I set it down in the kitchen.  My mobile is parked comfy, cozy right in my clear-pocket Quivver -- portable, accessible and protected -- and strapped to me along with all my wallet items, my lip stuff, and keys.  My Quivver has rocked as my personal organizer!


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