The Big Rig

Quivver is 2 years old!  We are so thankful for each and every customer and fan.  The support has been tremendous and so appreciated.  To celebrate we are launching our 2nd product:  the Big Rig.  


Quivvers "BIG RIG" from Quivvers on Vimeo.

  Quivvers Big Rig can accommodate even more essentials - ipads and e-readers, larger smart phones, notebooks, checkbooks, and so much more.  Now you can adventure through life with a more.  

My son has been helping to wear-test the prototype for me as he had such excitement upon seeing the Big Rig.  He loves to carry his I-Pad mini in it for school or with friends.  I love that it keeps his expensive technology safe and strapped to him when out of our home.  Win-Win.  

I also have to admit that while a Quivver does accommodate the minimalist me, I have enjoyed having the Big Rig this holiday shopping season as I can have my lists, coupons and notebook when I venture out for the big shopping of the season.  I also tuck an I-Pad in for comparison shopping on the spot.  Sometimes I need a bit more than just essentials.

We are taking pre-orders now.  Check out the Big Rig and order yours. 

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Tammy Woodall
Tammy Woodall

January 26, 2014

I really like the Brown/Black Reversible Combo. These colors go with anything and everything.

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