Gifting Season


Yesterdays' 1st snow reminded me that gifting season is upon us.  It's time to pick out all the perfect somethings for everyone whom you celebrate in your life.   It can be a beautiful time of reflection, thankfulness and wonder at the spirit in life and the people around you as long as you keep the man-made, material elements of the season under control.  Remember the place they really hold.  Gifts and gestures should be the symbol of the emotional connection you have with the person, cause or organization.  Honor that connection more than the gift.  Do what you can with the right sentiment place, so you don't find yourself off-balance this holiday season. 


Quivvers is more than a bag, it's a movement: minimal, active, versatile, organized.

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December 14, 2013

We do get too caught up in owning things. More is not better. My daughter recently wore the Quivvers I gave her in September while traveling and said people were commenting on the simplicity and convenience of it in the airport. She works in an office and has been leaving her handbag at home in favor of the Quivvers. I am now wearing mine her way – with the clear pocket against the body and then Quivvers loose enough that you can just twist it a bit to see the phone. The black and silver clear pocket is on its way to her now as it will go with everything. Thank you for showing both of us a great alternative to a handbag. We each now own two Quivvers!

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